Spread Joy with Rainbow Art

Children and families around the world are creating rainbow art to display on their windows as a message of joy, hope, and love. Using window markers, construction paper, etc, kids can create and display rainbow art as a way to stay connected with friends and family in a colorful way.

The rainbow trend began in Italy when all non-essential businesses had been closed for two weeks in response to the Coronavirus pandemic spreading across the nation as a way to spread hope and love. It is quickly becoming a trend in other parts of the world as well.

Kids can go on a mini scavenger hunt and try to locate the homes with rainbows. Google Maps has even created a “Rainbow Connection” map, where kids can find other homes participating!

For our rainbows, we used the following:

  • Paper Plate (cut in half)
  • Colorful scrapbook pages cut into small pieces (organized by color)
  • Glue stick


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